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The Archinomics Group is an interdisciplinary consulting firm providing investment and development management as well as project and construction management to international clients from a U.S. base.  The firm principles boast over twenty years of experience on a range of challenging projects for demanding public and private clients throughout North America and in both eastern and western Europe.  This broad base of experience provides the firm with the depth of knowledge of both the project development process and the exigencies of markets to focus on a set of specialized services.

Thoughtful decisions made in the earliest phases of a project are essential to its ultimate success.  Nowhere is this more true than in a emerging market --be it in a new geography or a new project type.  The Archinomics Group specializes in providing critical information in the initial stages of project formation, creating strategies for implementation and identifying appropriate development partners.  Our diverse list of clients share an entrepreneurial zest for new opportunities balanced by a concern for informed decision-making.

Ideally, we join the client team early in the process where our front-end consulting services can make the real difference in the conceptual viability of a capital project.  Often we stay with the team through the actual development acting as project managers to assure that the initial conceptual strategies are realized as final successes.










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